Carolyn Lardas, Founder / @Scooter_man61

  • President: Carolyn was born and raised in Los Angeles California, where she met her husband of 35 years and raise two beautiful daughters. She was very active in our church and my daughter's school for international Greek dancing and fundraisers for the school. Carolyn and her husband are owners/operators of McDonald's franchises for over 35 years
  • Carolyn has been very active with the Ronald McDonald Children Charity and the Ronald House of L.A. My education is hands on in business and marketing through McDonald's. She is very active with the entrepreneurship department of USC. I am a proud member of the Widney Society of the University of Southern California.  
  •  She became active on Instagram when I got my sweet little white miniature schnauzer his name is Scooter he is the love of my life. He travels everywhere with me and very attached to me and follows me everywhere.   
  • As a founder, Carolyn stated "I am very fortunate to be one of the founders of this very special nonprofit organization with six amazing ladies. We are one of the only nonprofit that is helping dogs and their family with Medical expensive. We were brought together by our Love of dogs to bring this amazing foundation together.  

“By the grace of God, a group of ladies are able to reach out and touch each and every one of them and help as much as we can.” Carolyn Lardas, President

Sharon G. Ortiz, Founder / @Dapper_Sherlock

  • Vice-President: Sharon lives in Albuquerque, NM with her husband and children. in 2016, She's founded  I/O Consulting Group. Sharon is the former President of New Mexico Mediation Association, is a  Commissioner of the State ADR Commission led by NM Supreme Court  Justice Judith Nakamura, former co-Chair for The New Mexico State Bar  ADR Committee. Sharon holds a BS in Information Technology, Master of Business Administration, Master’s degree in Mediation & Dispute Resolution, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (completion anticipated in May 2018).  
  • Sharon has three dogs that she loves and adores (Sherlock, Watson, and Max) that are mini schnauzers. She also is the founder of Dapper Sherlock ®, which is are the brand of dog attire. She loves to dress her dogs, and they always walk out the house looking "Dapper."
  • As a founder, Sharon stated "When you have an opportunity to help families or individuals with resources that support their beloved dog it's a win/win situation. I had the chance to bring a dream alive with six fabulous ladies that I'm proud to call friends and partners of Paw Philanthropy. 

“Compassion towards dogs is intimately connected with goodness of a person’s personal character.  When dogs are in pain, it’s the power of humans to help and bring healing for the pain to go away.  All a dog wants is to live, love, and bark.”  Sharon Ortiz, Vice President

Laura Wagner, Founder / @Schnistergram_schnauzers

  • Secretary : Laura was born and raised in Akron, Ohio where she has raised her daughter and lives with her husband Richard. In her earlier life, she was an advisor for her local 4-H organization  for (7)seven years. She loves her horse Sugar of 21 years who is an Arabian Pinto mare and her two mini schnauzer babies name Rylie and Lacie. She received her Nursing at the University of Akron and now works at her local hospital. 
  • Laura became active on Instagram featuring her two mini Schnauzers Rylie and Lacie.   She has had the privilege to have dogs all her life; several have been rescues, all of my family pet members have left beautiful memories in my heart. 
  • As a founder, Laura stated "I joined six other motivated women and worked with them to develop Paw Philanthropy. Here we are building our dream to reach out to dog lovers on Facebook, Instagram, and the internet to help pet owners with medical bills through donations and fundraisers.

“Focusing  on our paw pals, Paw Philanthropy is dedicated to improving their  quality of health and wellness.  We hope to show caring attitudes  towards dogs that may need our help and to promote their quality of life  with their families by sharing love.”   Laura Wagner, Secretary

Joann V. Kling, Founder / @Jacob_II_mini_schnauzer

  • Treasurer: Joann V. Kling was born and raised in California. She currently resides in San Diego. At age 12, she went to France and has been a Francophile ever since.
  • She attended many colleges and universities including Cal Berkeley, Middlebury and Coe College. Her French schools include Poitiers, Besancon, and Strasbourg from which she has a Masters in Linguistics. She has a Masters and PhD in Seventeenth Century French Literature from Tulane University.
  • She spent nearly forty years in the Semiconductor industry working in supply chain management primarily in factories in Asia and Europe as well as Silicon Valley. 
  • In 2007 she lost her family home in a wildfire. Since then she has been an active member of Fired Up Sisters a nonprofit women’s’ support group for wildfire survivors. She serves as treasurer for the Fired Up Sisters, for the San Diego VOAD, as well as Paw Philanthropy. She is also a health coach for Optavia, paying it forward by helping people in a lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time. 
  • Joann and her family have two dogs, Jacob a silver salt and pepper mini schnauzer and Jolie a white mini schnauzer. 

 “Schnauzer moms opening their hearts to pay it forward helping paws in need” Joann Kling, Treasurer  

Rebecca Ungerman, Founder / @Dempseysdailydrama

  • Dempsey and Huck are both salt and pepper rescue mini schnauzers. They are proud ambassadors of the #badassclub and one of the first IG schnauzers. They live in Utah.
    Rebecca Ungerman is a life-long resident of Utah who loves all animals,  but miniature schnauzers occupy a special place in her heart. 
  • She  graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Respiratory  Therapy and she is a Board Certified Neonatal and Pediatric Specialist.  Rebecca works in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at the University of  Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City. 
  • She currently has 2 darling and wonderful mini schnauzers, Dempsey and Huck. 
  • Rebecca  feels very fortunate to be able to be a part of Paw Philanthropy, and  work with the other schnauzer moms on this board. It is a pleasure and a  privilege for her to be a part of a group who has similar goals and  aspirations to help pets in need. 
    "A group of friends who came together in the hopes of being able to help others in need.” Rebecca Ungerman, Director

Katy Docter, Founder / Mr._Fritz_schnauzer

  • Katy  Docter has been a dog lover since her first days. She was lucky to grow up  with a miniature schnauzer, Gus, who totally stole her heart and was  her constant shadow. While in college she discovered her professional  passions lead to the field of psychology. During her first graduate  study program her family got another miniature schnauzer and named him  Rudy. Within no time the whole family was wrapped around Rudy’s paws. He  was diagnosed with a liver shunt before he was one, and her family  chose to try surgery to give him the best chance at a full life. Luckily  the surgery was a success and Rudy is celebrating twelve years with his  family. His recovery made it clear to 
  • Katy that helping animals was  important. Once she was finished with her second graduate degree in  Applied Behavioral Analysis she decided to add a dog to her home. Fritz  has been in her life for four years and has earned his Canine Good  Citizen from the AKC and is currently working on Trick Dog  certifications. Katy uses her professional expertise to help train Fritz  in the hopes that one day he might be a therapy dog.

“Using our mutual love of dogs to help the lives of others” Katy Docter, Director

PAW Philanthropy Advisors

Dr. Ashley Koester / DVM Advisor for Paw Philanthropy

  • Dr. Koester is  blessed to have spent a lot of time at her father’s veterinary  hospital while growing up in small-town Indiana. 
  • According to Dr. Koester "When I was four years  old, I remember watching him perform surgery on Tuesdays so that my mom  could run errands.  On Christmas morning, my three siblings and I would  always walk the dogs that were staying at the hospital before opening  our gifts.  We were only allowed to enjoy the Christmas festivities  after the hospital chores were finished. Growing up with my dad’s  practice next door was a wonderful experience that gave me an  understanding of what it takes to be a terrific veterinarian. 
  •  She attended college at Northwestern University where one of the  highlights was playing varsity lacrosse.  She was a captain of the 2005  team that went undefeated and won the NCAA Division I National  Championship.  After Northwestern University, She  received my veterinary  degree with distinction/honors from Purdue University.  
  • Dr. Koester practices in Manhattan Beach, CA at the Animal Medical & Dental Group.