WHO WE HAVE HELPED or Currently Helping

@adiBlueeyes "Had Surgery to repair his eyesight"

The runt of his litter, Adicus was born in November 2011 and went  home with his furever family in January 2012. Almost immediately, subtle  signs of impaired vision could be noticed—not the least of them, a blue  glint in his eyes that would grow to be a feature characteristic. Over  the years, symptoms of deteriorating vision progressed enough to  properly diagnose core issues in Adi’s corneas in July 2016. Adi’s  family immediately appealed to the Instagram community for help,  encouraged that with the right diagnosis, they might be able to help  their beloved paw pal see better for the rest of his life. Through  Instagram, @adiblueeyes found friends and family the world over who  rallied to help him see again, and he underwent surgery in May 2017.  While cataracts and opacity are still present in his eyes, Adi is seeing  better than he ever has. His newfound community was (and is)  instrumental in Adi’s journey to seeing again, and preserving this new  gift of sharpened sight for the long haul.


Dude "We are helping him with his Knee Surgery"

We are currently helping Dude towards his medical expenses. Paw Philanthropy is donating $1000.00 towards his knee surgery, which will cost $5000.00. Please click on this link to read about his story. 



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