Dr. Koester is  blessed to have spent a lot of time at her father’s veterinary  hospital while growing up in small-town Indiana. 

According to Dr. Koester "When I was four years  old, I remember watching him perform surgery on Tuesdays so that my mom  could run errands.  On Christmas morning, my three siblings and I would  always walk the dogs that were staying at the hospital before opening  our gifts.  We were only allowed to enjoy the Christmas festivities  after the hospital chores were finished. Growing up with my dad’s  practice next door was a wonderful experience that gave me an  understanding of what it takes to be a terrific veterinarian. 

She attended college at Northwestern University where one of the  highlights was playing varsity lacrosse.  She was a captain of the 2005  team that went undefeated and won the NCAA Division I National  Championship.  After Northwestern University, She  received my veterinary  degree with distinction/honors from Purdue University.  

Dr. Koester practices in Manhattan Beach, CA at the Animal Medical & Dental Group. http://www.amgvets.com/

Dr. Koester is also Scooter one of the furbabies founders Vet.