DOGS "Currently Helping" & Success Stories

Our first and Reason of Paw Philanthropy Start-up. She is our angel!

The runt of his litter, Adicus was born in November 2011 and went  home with his furever family in January 2012. Almost immediately, subtle  signs of impaired vision could be noticed—not the least of them, a blue  glint in his eyes that would grow to be a feature characteristic. Over  the years, symptoms of deteriorating vision progressed enough to  properly diagnose core issues in Adi’s corneas in July 2016. Adi’s  family immediately appealed to the Instagram community for help,  encouraged that with the right diagnosis, they might be able to help  their beloved paw pal see better for the rest of his life. Through  Instagram, @adiblueeyes found friends and family the world over who  rallied to help him see again, and he underwent surgery in May 2017.  While cataracts and opacity are still present in his eyes, Adi is seeing  better than he ever has. His newfound community was (and is)  instrumental in Adi’s journey to seeing again, and preserving this new  gift of sharpened sight for the long haul.
Now five months after a bilateral keratectomy and removal of a benign mass in his left eye, Adi is adjusting to a life of clearer sight. He still has some corneal opacity, but is much more adventurous and explores his beloved outdoors with more tenacity and agility. He is able to play with his brother and meet new human and fur friends without being quite so intimidated, now that he can see better—in fact, we have to keep our eyes on him now that he is more comfortable taking more risks! Our precious boy turns six next month and we are so grateful for his new lease on life and for Paw Philanthropy’s support to help Adi see. 


Fiona - Total Hip Replacement / Currently Helping

Currently Helping

Fiona is a 14-month-old Berna-doodle who is loved by her owner and is an emotional support dog. 

Oscar – lymphoma - Chemotherapy / Currently Helping

Currently Helping
Oscar is the friendly giant. He is a big friendly black giant schnauzer. Oscar is about four years old. He is a rescue who was adopted in 2017 by his forever family.
Oscar is a happy, friendly fellow. So, it was odd when he collapsed after a day of playing with his dad. That episode turned out to be the need for an emergency splenectomy surgery. Later in 2018, Oscar was diagnosed with a high grade lymphoma. The recommended procedure is a treatment of sixteen rounds of chemotherapy. Oscar has started these chemo treatments and seems to be doing well. Paw Philanthropy is happy to be able to help Oscar and we wish him well through this ordeal. He is still a young puppy and has a lot of life in front of him with his forever family.

ACE - Spinal Cancer

Ace is a happy fun loving five years young puppy.  He is a mini schnauzer.  He fell ill suddenly.  Without warning he could no longer walk.  After many tests, the diagnosis was spinal cancer.   He is having the cancerous tumor on his spine removed and then will follow up with chemotherapy or radiation treatments.   We wish Ace a speedy road to be cancer free.

Rebel – Torn ACL Back Leg / Currently Helping

Currently Helping

Rebel is a six year old American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is a fun loving guy. He loves to fetch and chase balls. And he is very gentle with his stuffed toys, his babies! 

Rebel has ACL tears in both of his hind legs and he has luxating patella. He can no longer walk unassisted.

Rebel needs a surgical procedure TPLO on both hind legs to restore his ability to walk. 

Rebel is a crucial part of his family so we hope he recovers his mobility quickly.

Lemon and Lulu - Medical Emergency

Both dogs accidentally ingested ibuprofen. Both Lemon and lulu have recovered and living happily between their California and Colorado homes. 

Bentley - Idiopathic Chylothorax

Bentley is an eighteen month old Labradoodle – a Parti- doodle. Bentley loves water. He loves doing “zoomies” in rivers. We call him a water doodle. 

Bentley was diagnosed with a rare disease called idiopathic Chylothorax. It is the buildup of Chyle (lymphatic fluid from the digestive tract) into the chest cavity. With surgery the recovery rate is 90-95%. We hope Bentley’s surgery is successful and he returns to his fun loving puppy self.

Hailey – Radiation Treatments

Hailey is a beautiful 12 year old mixed breed girl from Colorado.  Hailey was born in Puerto Rico and waited four years in a shelter for a forever family to find her. That never happened, but a wonderful organization (Stray from the Heart) saw her potential and brought her to New York. That is when she found her forever family. It took Hailey a long time to learn that not every place or thing is scary. Eight years after being rescued she was a completely different dog. She was pure joy. 

Then without warning, Hailey had an unexpected and traumatic seizure. After many ER visits and exams, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem meningioma. The only alternative procedure required several weeks and twenty doses of radiation treatment. Hailey was a warrior and a trooper throughout this long treatment.

One month after the end of the radiation treatments, Hailey is doing great. She continues to improve physically, doing things now that she previously could not do (hmm digging in the garden!). All of her blood work results are improving also. We all have hearts for Hailey. You keep going girl!

Huck - IMHA Anemia

Huck is a seven year old rescue mini schnauzer who found his forever home with one of the founders of Paw Philanthropy. We know him as Huckie Bear. 

In 2018 Huck was showing signs of lethargy and other unpleasant symptoms.  He was diagnosed with IMHA Anemia. And the recommended treatment included frequent blood work, related medical procedures and special food. Paw Philanthropy received unsolicited donations in Huckie Bear’s name. We honored those donations by giving them to Huck’s vet who is performing the treatments. Huck is showing signs of improvement, but it is expected to be a long recovery time frame. Stay strong Huckie Bear.

Butterball – Knee surgery

Butterball is a cocker spaniel that was rescued by his forever family in late 2017. He has been on a strict diet and nursed back to health. But the vets decided that his dislocated knees could no longer support him and an operation was needed. Paw Philanthropy was happy to help Butterball. His surgery was successful and he has recovered fully. He is a happy healthy puppy once again with his loving forever family.  

On the morning of July 31, 2018 Butterball crossed the rainbow bridge. We will always cherish his spirit and keep his family in our thoughts. 

Jack – Thyroid Nodules

Jack is a spry twelve year old mini schnauzer. He was a rescue many, many years ago but has been happily living with his forever home in Maine.

Recently Jack had lost his appetite but was displaying other worrying symptoms. Upon examination, the cause was identified. Jack had an enlarged thyroid. It is called hyperparathyroidism. The nodule on Jack’s neck had to be removed surgically.

Paw Philanthropy was happy to help Jack with the surgery.

He has now recovered from the surgery and is back to being his happy self. Good luck Jack!

Sophia – Epilepsy & Seizures / MRI Spinal Tap

Sophia is a seven year old Pomeranian recently rescued from terrible conditions in South Korea. She arrived at her new family with some difficult medical conditions. She was unable to walk or even stand. She is a fighter with a strong will to live and lots of love to give. Paw Philanthropy was happy to help Sophia with the cost of an MRI and spinal tap. With the help of those exams further diagnosis and treatments have been defined. Sophia’s recovery will take at least six to nine months. Paw Philanthropy wishes Sophia a smooth road to recovery.

Pacino – Knee Surgery

Pacino calls himself a schnauzillion, a schnauzer cross, just a cute little fellow. He also calls himself P. Dawgy Dawg or Pup-a-chino. Pacino lives in Canada. He has had trouble with his knees. He had his right back knee surgically corrected in 2017 and came to Paw Philanthropy in 2018 for help with surgery on his back left knee. Paw Philanthropy was happy to help this little fellow. The surgery went well. Pacino had to wear one of those cute little donut collars for a while. But he is now back in full form, healthy, and happy. Paw Philanthropy is happy to help Pacino and we are thrilled his recovery has been successful.

Kali – Liver Mass

Kali is a very beautiful, 13 year old energetic, loving mini schnauzer.  This is here story. She was not acting herself. The medical exams, blood work, and radiographs, as well as other treatments were done. The results showed extreme elevations in her liver values and she was anemic.  The diagnosis was a mass in her liver. Paw Philanthropy is helping Kali with that surgery. However, in the pre-op work for the surgery additional issues with Kali’s lungs were discovered. It was not possible to risk surgery at that time. Upon further investigation, pulmonary nodules were discovered. However, Kali is clotting normally. The next steps may be a bronchoscopy or a lung lobectomy. She is a special girl and continues to fight hard. Be strong sweet Kali.

Winky - Tumor

Winky  was a puppy mill dog for her first ten years of life. On September  30th, 2011, at about ten years old, she was left in the night box at the  Denver Dumb Friends League, a shelter. She was very sick with a bad  cough. Thank goodness, she was gone there, and not somewhere else. The  Dumb Friends’ League has the protocol, staff, and the means to care for  dogs that other shelters cannot. Her vital organs were all functioning,  and the behavior team LOVED her, so the Veterinary team went to work.

After  being treated for over a month for a bad cough, she was finally well  enough to have surgery. Winky was spayed, had a dental, and her right  eye removed due to an advanced cataract all at once. After recovery, she  was assigned to a foster provider. I met Winky on a snowy November  night 2011. I went for dinner to a friend’s - her first foster home.  Winky looked like Frankenstein; she had so many stitches when the owner  first met him! Through all her challenges she was adopted and has been  in a loving home. 

Winky is currently going through some medical issues, and we are helping the family.

Bogart - Kidney Issues

Bogart is an eleven year old black lab.  His nickname is Bogie.   He is an eternal puppy at heart.  He is full of life and vigor.  He was adopted by his forever mom about ten years ago after trying two other families.  His mom got married last year and his new dad has become his best friend forever.  In early 2018, Bogie went to have his teeth cleaned.  The doctor found some irregularities.   After two months of blood work and tests, the doctors determined that Bogie’s left kidney had a large cancerous tumor that had not yet metastasized.  It had to be removed.  It took a long time to find the problem and Bogie had slowed down in his eating and had lost weight.
We were able to help Bogie have his kidney removed in March 2018.  He is now back to his happy puppy love of life.  We are so happy to have been able to help Bogie live a strong and happy life.

Kaiser -Broken Hip and Legs

Kaiser is a brown mini schnauzer puppy with blue eyes. He is a puppy only a few months old when he moves to a new house which had not yet been “puppy proofed”. Kaiser fell down some stairs and broke both of his back legs. For a puppy, broken legs were awful. Paw Philanthropy was able to help with Kaiser’s surgery. It is amazing how quickly a puppy can heal. Within weeks we were all very happy to see Kaiser running and playing like a normal puppy. Kaiser will still need a chiropractor and physical therapy as he grows older, but he is back to being a happy puppy.

Coqui - Bladder Stones Removed

Coqui, is an 8-year-old dog, who is still a puppy at hear. Recently, during a vet visit, we found that Coqui, unfortunately has bladder stones. He has had them removed in the past, when they were in his bladder, so there were very limited complications. He eats prescription food to prevent the formation of the stones. This time, the bladder stones were found in this urethra, which is partially obstructing him from peeing. If it gets fully obstructed, he might end up with kidney problems. Due to the location of his stones, the viable option is for Coqui to undergo a lithotripsy procedure where the stones will be removed via laser or a basket. 

Dude - Knee Surgery

We helped Dude towards his knee surgery. He has recovered from surgery and exercising to get his strength back . 

Tyr's - Had hip surgery

Ty is German Shepherd puppy who was having an increasingly hard time getting up from laying down, he would roll over on his back and yelp as if he was in pain.  So after test and x-rays the specialist at  Texas A&M Orthopedic surgeon did a THR on him. He has now recovered and enjoy his life with his family. 


 Star suffered form severe pain in her upper & mid back in which she was crying & whelping. After rushing her to the vet & x-rays it was discovered she had bulging & herniated discs in her upper & mid-back areas. 

UPDATE and Message from Star's owner: 

I was very concerned about Star & her recovery but to be honest I had no idea how I would pay for her treatment. After praying about it I learned about Paw Philanthropy. I contacted them & filled out an application. They consulted with my vet about necessary treatments & paid the bill in full! That was such a relief for me & allowed me to completely focus all my attention on Star & her laser treatments. After those treatments & taking all necessary precautions at home...such as crating her for several weeks she is doing so much better. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to the wonderful, caring ladies of Paw Philanthropy for helping Star & I in her time of need. -- 

Maisie - Chemotherapy support


Maisie is a happy, feisty miniature schnauzer who loves being outside, playing with her duck, and food. She loves everyone she meets and is a total sweetheart. In November 2017, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and began receiving chemotherapy. Her oncologist is pleased with her response, and we are all hopeful that she will continue to respond well and have a long remission. She has so much life left in her, and we are doing our best to give her a fighting chance.


Maisie is still doing well with the Tanovea treatment! Maisie is staying strong in her fight against lymphoma! After switching to Tanovea for her chemo protocol, she’s responding well and we’re hopeful she will continue to do so. She’s a fighter, and while remission would be a dream come true, we’re thankful for every day that chemo has given us.