Maggie Tincher joined Paw Philanthropy as an Ambassador Board member in August 2018. Maggie is  originally from Ecuador, she moved to the USA in 1994 to finish her studies.  She holds a AS in Business Management and International Business and a  BS in Business Administration.

Maggie  and her husband are founders and co-owners of two CrossFit gyms in the  Northern VA area. She is also part of the CrossFit Seminar Staff and  travels during the weekends teaching and sharing her love for fitness.  Before becoming a full-time coach, Maggie was a firefighter for Fairfax  County for 9 years. Maggie  entered the corporate world after earning her Associates Degree, but  that journey only lasted a couple of years. “Seating behind a desk just  wasn’t for me. I wanted to help others, make a difference.” So she left  the corporate world and became a firefighter. Maggie  discovered her love for fitness when she moved to the USA. Working as a  firefighter, she became a Fitness Trainer for the Fire Department and  was helping other firefighters get back in shape. It was at the Fire  Department that Maggie was introduced to her other passion, CrossFit.  When Maggie and her husband opened their second location, she decided to  focus on their business and made coaching and managing the gyms her  full-time job

Maggie  grew up with lots of animals: dogs, cats, birds.. even monkeys! She got  her first dog when she was 3 years old, a German Sheppard named Pelusa.  When the family lost Pelusa, they rescued a stray dog… then another…  and another! In 2016, fed up with all the negativity in social media,  Maggie created an account for her Standard Schnauzer, Axel. One of the  best decisions she ever made. “The IG community is very supportive and  it’s a great place to hang out.” Maggie  believes everyone should pursue their passion in life - that’s what  makes life worth living. “The purpose of life is a life with purpose”  and for Maggie that purpose has always been trying to make a difference.  “God has given a gift. Serving others, helping people get healthier and  fitter, and now helping pet owners through Paw Philanthropy, makes  getting up each day the most exciting thing in the world”

She resides in Virginia with her husband and 3 standard schnauzers: Axel, Rose & Slash (yep, Guns n’ Roses fan).